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Our vision is to facilitate the transition from adolescence to young adulthood with a view of producing responsible individuals to their family, schools, community, church, body of Christ and the society at large.

Our Mission
We achieve our vision through highlighting the importance of:
Scripture and prayer
Education (academic and non academic)
Interpersonal relationships and finally
Retrospection in the daily lives of our youth.


Our Structure
The focus of our ministry revolves around three themes. Every year we concentrate on a particular theme and this is carried out through a three year cycle which is incorporated into the yearly goals of Newwine Church as a whole.


Weekly Services
Every Sunday – Time: 11am – 1pm
Our weekly services are a blast. Once you come this way, you never go back.
A typical service starts with life changing ice breakers, poetry, art and dance, intense worship followed by the word for the day.
Here at New Wine Youth you never feel like a stranger, you are family and feel like part of the family the moment you step in.


Events for The Year Every Year

Youth Rally
A call to action twice a year
Spring holiday, Autumn holiday 10am -10pm event. Ending with an after party of a life time. It's an explosive, energising and exhaustive life changing event filled with loads of worship and prayer.

Youth Convention
This is a convention held in summer. You do not want to miss this one. It's a total knockout. A state of ecstasy in the realm of the spirit and landing back on earth with a sonic ball of joy and satisfaction.

New Wine Youth Quiz
Calling all who are youths and intellects. Think you can challenge our Newwine Youth on the last Sunday of every month at our New wine Youth Quiz? I kid you not, defeat is inevitable. Our guys are off the chart. Since you can't beat us, join us. Come along and sing along.

D3 Life – The Triple D Life (Discover – Develop – Deploy)
The event is held twice a month on Sundays after the Youth service which runs from 3pm – 5pm. Now do not attend this event if you do not want to discover the real you, unlock your true potentials, develop your natural talents and gifting, create your unique selling point and increase in value and worth dramatically.
This is an event where:

The lost becomes found.
The captive becomes free.
The timid becomes bold.
The shy becomes confident and 
The real you shines for life.

Career Identification Workshop
The aim of this workshop is to help you unleash the best in you. Remember you are reaction waiting to explode with an enormous force of energy. That energy will surely shake the foundations of the earth.

Because it's you. God's chosen people.
Come along and join us today!

About the Ministries

Over 18s master class
Over 18s is a dynamic Word-based ministry and movement aimed at answering the pertinent questions of young adults through the reading and teaching of the Word of God. Over 18's unique approach to Ministry means that it is a classroom, forum and network in one designed to empower young people to become young professionals. The topics in these powerful monthly meetings range from Career and Financial Development to Relationships and Family Planning right through to submission and the call to ministry. Overseers Minister Kola and Bukie Williams and the team are at the forefront of a movement based on undiluted Scripture and in the words of Rick Warren 'True Fellowship'. Over 18's is a life-changing Ministry that is spilling out of the doors of the Church into the homes, offices, and streets of London.

Heart to heart (ladies only)
It has been well documented that preadolescents, teenage girls and young women are particularly susceptible to feelings of low self-esteem, peer pressure, incorrect self-image, acceptance, underachievement and sexual pressures. Below a few facts and figures to illustrate this;

• In 2003, 83% of the episodes of the top 20 shows among teen viewers contained some sexual content, including 20% with sexual intercourse
• 42% of the songs on the top CDs in 1999 contained sexual content -- 19% included direct descriptions of sexual intercourse
• On average, music videos contain 93 sexual situations per hour, including eleven "hard core" scenes depicting behaviours such as intercourse and oral sex
• Girls who watched more than 14 hours of rap music videos per week were more likely to have multiple sex partners and to be diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease
• Before parents raised an outcry, Abercrombie and Fitch marketed a line of thong underpants decorated with sexually provocative phrases such as "Wink Wink" and "Eye Candy" to 10-year-olds
• Neilson estimates that 6.6 million children ages 2-11 and 7.3 million teens ages 12-17 watched Justin Timberlake rip open Janet Jackson's bodice during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show.

Pastor Titus to identify qualified older women who could, and should, teach and model godliness to the younger women in his church body:
Few people dispute the wisdom and benefits of mentoring. Titus 2:3-5 specifically targets women's relationships with one another. Paul encourages the young "Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live, not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine, but to teach what is good. Then they can train the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self-controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind, and to be subject to their husbands, so that no one will malign the word of God." Many of the young women in the New Wine Youth Church have expressed a desire to be counseled and for a stronger support network, but they had difficulty finding female youth workers to step into that role. Out of our desire to be positively involved in the lives of our youths and their desire for counseling, this desire this proposal was borne.

Tomorrow's Young Professionals...Today

New Horizon is an award winning collective formed to provide a platform for ambitious young people to manoeuvre careers and business ambitions into the financial market place. New Horizon Investment Club™ is a 3-tiered approach to practical success in the financial sector, which employs mentorship, educational workshops and a real time retail investing experience to achieve this goal. In 2007 New Horizon was privileged to be short listed for the new award category 'Most Interesting Club'. This provided a crack in the door for New Horizon to announce its presence and show off its uniqueness among market forerunners and old hands. From Chairperson Candice-Mimi Appiah a recent Law graduate, now working for Merrill Lynch in Equity Derivatives Documentation and furthering her studies of money and capital markets to Timothy Osibo and Fewa Williams, current College and GCSE students respectively New Horizon evidences a forward thinking generation of young people who value the commodities of time, knowledge, opportunity and resources.

Young Mother's Group
As a ministry, we recognise that although all efforts are made to instill spiritual and moral values into our young ladies for one reason or another, a small amount of them may make the huge life changing decision of becoming teenage mothers.  It was also felt that they may be young mothers who were never members of a bible believing church, and have now have given their lives to Christ and due to the fact that their are a young mother feels that their are not welcomed into the fold.  To this avail it was decided to create a 'Young Mother's Christian Group'

The aim of the group is to encourage young mothers to overcome the stigma of becoming young mothers and returning into the fold of the church and Christian community.

The main objective of the group is to help young mothers to firstly realise that a mistake have been made and encourage them to rebuild or build a close relationship with God.

Other objectives of the group are:

1 Provide counseling to young mothers, to better enable them to coupe with this huge life change.

2 Encourage young mothers to realise that their lives have not ended.

3 Help young mother to source programs within the community and church to help better themselves and perform to their full academic potential, which may have been without their child

4 Identify and provide whatever other programs etc. childcare, which may be need to assist young mothers to fit into the Sunday youth service as normal as possible