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check 03Weekly Devotional - Jump start your week with a life-transforming message from New Wine Church - this feature includes 'Now Apply the Word' and prayer points.





check 03

Pastor Michael's Blog - Read an exciting article straight from Pastor Michael's desk on various issues. You can also leave your comments for him to review.


check 03Pastor Micahael's Podcast - Listen to 13 minutes of wisdom and insight through Pastor Michael's signature program 'New Horizons'. Here he compresses a 45-minute sermon into 13 minutes.


check 03Television Broadcast - Watch Pastor Michael's dynamic television program which assures you that there is more to your life to what you currently see. So watch and maximise your life


check 03Radio Broadcast - Listen to Pastor Michael addressing the live audience of New Wine London. This audio will take you to where you've never been before - New Horizons.