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The Power Of The First Stone






By Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo

Senior Pastor, Kingsway International Christian Centre 



Foundation Scripture: 1 Samuel 17: 40-49

Sunday 3rd August 2014



In the account of David facing Goliath in 1 Samuel 17, we learn that he chose five smooth stones. He did not choose five not because he was planning to hit and miss; he knew that each stone would make an impact. Today I have come not so much to preach but to prophesy: you will be the first stone to make an impact in your family. God is about to lift you from where you used to be to where He is taking you. There were thousands of stones in that river; David chose five. These were stones that the waters had worked on. For thousands of years, the waters had cut off the jagged edges until they had become smooth. God has allowed you to go through all that you have gone through because He is smoothing you and refining you for where He is taking you.

You are going far and you will hit your target. You will be the first stone to bring 'Goliath' down in your family. Your mother may have had five sons but you will be the first stone; the first stone of achievement and victory. From your community, you will be the first stone. I prophesy that you will excel. God will achieve more than was expected of you. He will hit the target with you. You will exceed all expectations. You will be the first stone. David did not choose jagged or crooked stones but smooth stones because jagged and crooked stones do not go far and do not hit the target. You will go far. You will hit the mark. Every hit and miss experience of your life comes to an end; you will hit your target. You will hit your financial targets, your spiritual and your family and relational targets. The dreams that you carry in your spirit will become your reality. Jagged stones do not go in the right direction but your path will be directed by God. In this season, as we share on expansion, God will expand you beyond your ability. God will take you further.

David did not just pick up any stones but chose stones from the brook. He chose the stones; the stones that were prepared. Everything you have been through is preparing you for where you are going. You may think that you have wasted years but they are for your preparation. It is because the next step you take is into success and favour. God is going to turn things around for you. Those who have laughed at you have made a big mistake. You will have the last laugh. When David was approaching with the stones, Goliath scorned him. He did not realise that it may just have been a stone in his hand but God was with him. When God backs you up it will go further. The little in your hand will be anointed and you will achieve greatness. What man cannot do for you, when God backs you up, you will achieve it.

David took the stone and put it in his sling, Goliath was 8'11. I once saw a man who was close to 8'; he could not fast at that height. I then understood why David ran towards Goliath. Goliath could not move quickly; David had understood the weakness of his enemy. May God expose your enemies and expose their weaknesses in Jesus Name! David took the stone, however it believe that it was not just the stone that brought the giant down. I was raised in army barracks and I know something about weapons. When a bullet hits you, the thrust and the force pushes you backwards, however notice that Goliath fell forward. It was not just the stone that brought him down but the finger of God. Everything that has come against you will fall by the finger of God! I came to prophesy, that you will be the first stone; the first stone of achievement, testimony and breakthrough. You may have been reproached for a long time but God is about to change your story. People may not like you but your success will speak for you. You will not fail. David was raised in a house where even his own brothers did not celebrate him. His father did not remember him. How can you have eight children and not remember one of them? In David's case it was a deliberate forgetfulness on his father's part when Samuel the prophet came to anoint one of his sons. When your father and mother forget you, heaven will back you up. Jesse lined up the seven brothers of David as they had the right image but did not call David. David was a shepherd in the wilderness. They knew that he was likely to behave strangely, singing psalms. The army general was there, the lawyer, the accountant and the doctor too no doubt but David was left out. Little did they know, 'it was good that I was afflicted that I may learn your statutes.' Those who have afflicted you are coming to your celebration. In this season of expansion you will be the first stone. What you have not seen your colleagues achieve, you will achieve it. What you do not remember any member of your family achieving, you will experience that success. Today, I declare you are the destiny carrier. You will not miss the target. God gave him the chance to throw the first stone out of five. He did not pick five stones because he thought he was going to miss. Many sermons have been preached about David and Goliath however very rarely is an explanation given as to why five stones were selected by David. According to the bible, Goliath had four other brothers. The reason for the five stones was not for the chance that he may miss but because he anticipated dealing with the four other brothers too! There is a stone available for every battle you may face, every attack on you. Anything that the enemy is packaging against you, God will send a rock to deal with it.

When I say that you will be the first stone it means that you are about to step out of the regular box. You are about to do what your family and generation have never done. Young men and women in the house are about to enter dimensions and levels that they did not think possible. You are about to break new levels, new opportunities, favours. You will hit the target. You will not miss your open doors. You will be the first stone of achievement. God will distinguish you. God will make you stand out in your family and community.

King Saul had never seen anything like it. He gave David armour and a spear but he couldn't use it. They must have thought David was a joker as he went to select stones. They did not know that if God is for you, nothing can stand against you. God fights His battles in unusual ways. When God wanted to humiliate Pharaoh, He released a battalion of frogs. There were frogs everywhere. God can use anything. How much more stones. You are that stone. The world will hear from you. The nations will hear from you. God will take you from glory to glory; from favour to favour. The first stone of achievement. What they said was not possible for people of your background, gender and race to achieve, God will make it happen through you. You are the first stone. I declare you will not fail. You will not have to wait for others to go ahead of you. You will be the first stone. If Joseph had waited for Reuben nothing would have happened. But because Joseph made himself available, number eleven became the first stone. He leap-frogged his siblings and became the first stone. Joseph was the 11th son; the number eleven in Hebrew counting is not a good number. One is beginning; two is witness; three is God; four is balance; five is grace; six is the number of man; seven is the number of perfection; eight is new beginnings; nine is the finality of justice; ten is prosperity, increase and multiplication. The number eleven however represents disorder and confusion. And yet God chose Joseph to confuse them and made him the first stone. In fact, Jacob, their father had pronounced over Reuben that he would not excel and in 1 Chronicles 5 it is said that the birth right of Reuben was passed to Joseph; your portion will not be passed to someone else!

In your ministry, in business, in the assignments of life, you will be the first stone. I declare that in your chosen field of endeavour, you will be the first stone. Someone here will enter into new fields as a pioneer, doing new exploits, breaking new ground, doing new feats and taking new territories. You will be the first stone. People in your family will see what God does with you. You will be the first stone. Today, I declare you will be the first Christian in your family that broke through. You will not go through. Every insult will become your stepping stone.

For anyone who comes from a family in which marriages do not work, you will be the first one that works. You may come from a family where no-one excels, but you will excel. You will stand out in your family. I know the significance of what I am saying; I come from a family with no memory of a man who has not divorced, or married more than once. I made up my mind that I was going to be the first stone to break the curse on the family. I do not know what my forefathers did to bring a curse on the family to make the men to change wives or marry more than one woman and for all the girls to be thrown out of their husbands' homes. Your marriage and your home will succeed. Everything you lay your hands on in this season will result in success. If anyone is waiting for your failure, they are wasting their time. You will be the first stone in financial freedom. It is important for you to understand that the first stone is not necessarily the first borne, or the first strong or the first to be connected or first to be educated. You will be the first stone. It is a new season and a new day. God is about to do something new in, through, with and for your life. You will break new ground, the power of achievement will rest on your life. I prophesy that you will be the first prosperous you will be the first in uncommon favour; uncommon testimony and uncommon blessing will rest on your life. David went to the river and picked five stones; get ready to be picked by the Lord. God will launch you and you will go far. God will make a way for you and you will hit the target. You will have a testimony.

David's oldest brother was angry when David shows up. He knew that wherever David showed up, he got the blessing. When the prophet Samuel came to visit, it was David that was anointed. He began to put David down publicly. They could not handle his blessing. They cannot stop where you are going. The names you have been called will not reduce you; you were born to shine. It is in your destiny to hit the target and reach where God is taking you. Nothing will stop you. You will get there. In the name of Jesus. I pray that this will be a prophetic word. When you get back to work, doors will begin to open to you. The type of favour and promotion that you've never experienced will be yours. You will be the first stone. The first stone of favour, the first stone of blessing and the first stone of increase.

David asked the question "Is there not a cause?" New Wine Church, there are families to bless, nations to touch and generations to affect. In this church, you will be a financier, a financial promoter. Nations will be affected by you. New Wine Church is about the anointing of God. It is going from glory to glory and from favour to favour. As this house of God rises, you, the members of this house will rise. You will cross lines, break barriers and take new ground. You will not miss the mark. You will bring down the Goliath of poverty. You will bring down the Goliath of sickness; you will bring down the Goliath of barrenness. Shame and reproach will be removed from you and it will be removed from your family.

Before David launched the first stone at Goliath, Saul asked the question, "Whose son is this?" After the battle, the story about David had gone far and wide and David became the subject of the popular songs. Everyone knew who he was; one stone changed everything. When the stone sunk into the skull of Goliath, David did not stop there. He took the sword of the giant and cut off his head. He had both the head of Goliath and his sword as proof of this victory. I declare that the undeniable proof of victory will be manifested in your life. Many people, no doubt, would have claimed to be David after the felling of Goliath however, the sword of Goliath was unmistakeable evidence of David's victory. People may try to steal your testimony but they can't steal your anointing. Many years after the victory over Goliath, David found need of the sword and asked for it to be brought out. Your victory will remain. Your favour will remain. Your testimony will continue to speak. You will be distinguished. Some people here will rise up and found universities and orphanages. God will change your story. You will be the first stone.

David raised captains, great men. One of David's captains killed 800 men at one time. Another fought and killed giants and then killed a lion in the midst of a pit on a snowy day. Another one stood his ground in battle over a field of lentils. All of them were great men that David raised however, we only hear of David. This is because David was the first stone.

What your parents were not able to do, you will do a thousand times more. Everything that Satan has thrown in your way you will overcome. You will bypass procedure and protocol. Good change is coming into your life and into your family in this season. You will hit the target. In this season, you will experience uncommon achievement and uncommon testimony; you will break through, you will break forth and you will break limits in Jesus Name!



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