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Pay the Price


Ap Nwigira 3



 By Apostle Josephat E. Nwigira
 Efatha Ministry, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania



 Foundation Scripture: Psalm 126:5-6

 Sunday 9th August 2015



Let me start by asking this simple question. Why are you in church? Are you in church to worship or to receive? Or are you in church to serve? Which of these? All? How? Or did you come just to listen to God’s word through me? I am Josephat (Jehoshaphat in English) Elias Nwigira. ‘Nwigira’ translated to English means ‘a big tree under which people can sit and enjoy its shade’, all to God’s glory. Healing and deliverance, which is the primary assignment God gave to me is very important to the church.
Jesus came to deliver us all. John the Baptist, his forerunner was sent to preach, proclaim and testify about Jesus’ ministry, so that the people can believe in Him. Undeniably, Jesus’ ministry also included healing and deliverance. Notably, we have more preachers and teachers in the Kingdom of God, and a remarkably small number of ministers involved in healing and deliverance, in comparison.

In the kingdom of God, we seem not to have fully understood the importance of these different ministries. The bible describes the five-fold ministry in 1 Corinthians 12 – Firstly apostles, then prophets, teachers and others. You will notice that the ministry of evangelists and Pastors were not mentioned in this passage. Here is a possible reason: When the church is well taught and well-grounded in Christ, she does not really need that many pastors. Jesus is the ultimate Pastor. Evangelists are also not needed within a strong bible-believing church that eschews sin. It is God’s touch and power with manifestation of healing and healings, an apostolic mandate which gives order, prophecies to give direction is what the church really needs. Bible teachers can then remind us of what the Apostles and the prophets have shown us. However, the church is still very young and Kingdom principles are still being learnt.

So let’s focus on today’s message: Paying the price for the Kingdom. The question to ask is this: How does one pay the price? The benefit of a price-paying church is the blessing of releasing the Pastors to focus more on healing, and on changing the community for Jesus. In paying the price, you inevitably enjoy the full benefits of the kingdom, as a Christian. Sadly, many profess to be Christians, but are not willing to pay the price. Many of us are educated and spent our developing years in school. Some of us rose early in the morning to go to school, spending 8 hours averagely in class. On returning home, there were assignments for various subjects to work on and learn more on. Each school year ended with an examination we prepared adequately for, in order to pass. Why is it then, that Christians are not willing to spend time, studying the scriptures in order to become victorious in life? There is no profit with pain. We already know that to be comfortable in life, you need funds to buy the various amenities. Funds hardly come by praying and fasting alone – you also need to play your part in making this a reality in your life.

Mothers pay the price in carrying and nurturing a child through gestation to delivery. Despite the discomfort of carrying a baby for nine months, mothers still go through that period unapologetically knowing fully well that the future is about to be born. As painful as labour is, mothers go through this process focusing on the soon to be born baby.


One of my prayers is this: 'Lord, give me the heart of a woman to endure the work of the gospel. Also give me the heart of a man to be strong in the battle for the Kingdom'. It is a prayer that I would encourage each of us to also pray. Psalm 126:5-6 reads: ‘Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy. He who continually goes forth weeping, bearing seed for sowing, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him’. It is not too late to start thinking positively about prosperity and achievements in life. Refrain from dwelling on impossibilities. Think of the great things that will begin to happen in your life. However, bear in mind the price that must be paid for this to occur.

I am aware of the enormous task of praying for people in need of healing and deliverance. In experiencing the blessings of the kingdom of God, our sins ought to have been forgiven by Jesus, first of all. It is for this reason that Jesus died to deliver us. When we accept Jesus as Lord and Savior and become born again, our spirit is born. However, our minds remain worldly, causing a constant struggle for our flesh. It takes practice and relying on God’s help to bring our hearts in line with God’s will. For instance, I am a person who is disciplined with my sleep. Moses also paid the price in meeting with God for 40 days and 40 nights. Conversely, our focus should be on enjoying God rather than on merely enjoying life.

There are levels of loving God. We know God by faith, entitled to us when we become born again. As we spend time seeking God, He promotes us from holding on to Him by faith to loving Him as we ought to. It is at this stage that God ‘kills’ the flesh in you. Romans 12: 1-2 and 1 Corinthians 13 expatiates on the meaning of love. Once our lives have become offerings to God, as a willing sacrifice, it becomes to do His will. Sadly, many Christians remain at the level of faith, devoid of the glory of God that should be manifesting in our lives. As a Christian grounded in love, miracles, healings and deliverance are bound to happen as a result. Jesus died for us because of His love for us. So, can I ask you again – are you ready to pay the price? Just like a loving wife, like mine whom knows the best way to get attention for whatever she needs, our devotion to Christ gets His attention too.

From His love, God elevates us to enjoying the blessings of His mercy. At this point in our Christian walk, we enjoy freedom from diseases and sickness, demonic attacks and human capricious disturbances. God at this stage is jealous for our sake and defends our lives. This comes our way when we pay the price. Sadly, many of us spend too much time watching TV at the expense of what we have been taught in church. Get into the habit of bringing to church your writing materials – God’s house is not a cinema. God’s servant teaching the word is not an actor. Candies should also be discouraged in church. Our children are usually not allowed to talk to us when they are sucking on a candy. Why should we treat God any less? We cannot relegate church to a clubhouse and expect God to move amongst us. When God’s power is released upon the church, no one dares misbehave before Him! We should always remember that God is great and He is powerful. We are here on earth enjoying His mercies. Our responsibility as Christians is to put our affections for Him on display with our devotion and commitment to His purposes, in order to reap the benefits of life as a Christian.

God’s wealth should also be evident in our lives, as His children. Life as a young church was difficult in the early days, but today Efatha ministry is a blessed congregation. It all began with paying the price. The price to be paid to enjoy prosperity in all its ramifications is vital. We cannot expect God to manifest in our lives if we are not ready to study the word, spend time in prayer, pay tithes and offerings and live a life that glorifies God. God’s favour in our lives as a result of our devotion may lead to gossip from others unwilling to pay the price, but that should be a stimulus and no deterrent to following through.

Can I encourage you to pay the price in order to see God’s move in your life? May the Lord continue to strengthen you in your walk with Him, everyday (Amen).




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