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Your Latter Will Be Greater!

 There Is Hope In Your Future


pastor michael






By Pastor Michael Olawore
New Wine Church, London 




Foundation Scripture: Exodus 14:15; Jeremiah 29;11; Jeremiah 31: 17

Sunday 24th March 2013


I began a 2-part series last week, titled 'There Is Hope In Your Future', to be concluded today. Firstly, it is vital that we are mindful of the words we speak; speaking only God's counsel in every situation, and avoiding negative confessions that could validate the devil's schemes. Prophet Jeremiah was raised by God to speak into the situation confronting the exiled Israelites, having been oppressed by the Babylonians, with a future so bleak and dark. He declared in Jeremiah 31:17 'There Is Hope in your future'. I am also here to declare the counsel of God to you, that your difficult circumstances are temporal - this is not the end of your journey. Always keep your hopes alive - your hope gives God's perspective in every situation.

In conclusion, we looked at Jeremiah 29:11; for every challenge that the children of Israel passed through, God responded, saying 'I know'. As long as you are in God's will, everything that happens to you is already in the plan. All things work together for good, for you (Romans 8:28).


While in exile, Jeremiah gave a prophetic word, as directed by God, confronting the hopeless circumstances that the Israelites were facing. It is often the modus operandi of Heaven - to look for a God-sent spokesman to declare a word ahead of time. When the storms arose on the sea, as Jesus and his disciples crossed over, he declared 'Peace, be still' (Mark 4:39). The storm eventually complied with the spoken word. Jesus also spoke about Lazarus' illness, saying 'This sickness is not unto death' (John 11:4). Even though Lazarus died, he eventually came back to life, according to the word of the Lord. 

I have been sent by God to declare a word into every situation that confronts you, your household, this church and our man of God - 'Your Latter will be greater!' Remember, when the word of God goes forth, it does not return to Him void (Isaiah 55:10). The word that Jeremiah spoke eventually culminated in Psalms 126 - 'When the Lord turned again the captivity of zion, we were like them that dream'.


From Haggai 2:1-8, we read about a prophecy given by the prophet Haggai, some years after the Israelites returned from Babylon to Judah. Their intention to build the temple was opposed for another 16 years by some samarians, resulting in 86 years of dormancy. However, God raised the Haggai, the prophet to speak into the situation, declaring a change. I don't know what you may be going through today, but I prophesy that 'this is your hour of a turn around'. Haggai declared; 'The glory of this latter house, shall be greater than the former.' And I declare concerning you that 'all the successes you have known as a person will be nothing compared to what God will begin to reveal in your life (Amen). These same words are rephrased in Job 8:7.


The glory - in greek 'doxa', or Hebrew 'Kabowd' means riches, the opinion or the presence of God, His weight, treasure,  riches, honour, dignity, splendour, abundance, reputation and the reverence and the reputation of God. What we've known so far, will be nothing compared to what we will begin to see as a church. 

Your future is already concluded in God; it is not based on what you've experienced in the past, or defined by what you are experiencing presently. God has already decided and designed a plan for that future He has for you (Jeremiah 29:11). His plans are a vehicle that will transport you to the destiny He has prepared for you. Whatever comes your way in life, is either being allowed or used by God. A good example is the story of Lazarus - his death was allowed by God because Jesus needed a grand entrance into Jerusalem, riding 'on the back' of that extraordinary miracle, as the Passover approached. If you remain in God's will, all things will work together for good for you (Romans 8:28).

The devil would prefer that you live without the 'hope of an expected end', or 'an assurance of a future full of hope'. However, you cannot afford to live without a reassuring reminder of the hope you have in God. It is vital that you have a picture of the future that God has in mind for you. I encourage you not to live based on your current circumstances, no matter how difficult it seems. Remember, your beginning  may be small, but with God your situation is going to start getting better and better (Job 8:7, Proverbs 4:18).


Let me share with you few lessons from Jeremiah 29:11 - how to approach and enjoy your expected end:


(1) Know that God is in control.

(2) Do not give up.

(3) Keep your focus on God.

(4) Anchor your soul.

(5) Believe that God has a plan for you.

(6) Know that your future is already concluded in God.


I would like to focus on the fourth point -


Anchor your soul: Probably, there are times when you have become  overwhelmed by the circumstances, and you've begun doubting  the glorious days of the future.

Your soul refers to your mind (for thinking), your will (for choosing) and your emotions (for feeling). If you have mastered how to anchor your soul, you will be able to withstand the lies and the resulting doubts and instabilities that the devil intends to invade your assurance in God. It is vital that you never doubt your future. Doubt only results in double mindedness and loss of a stable focus on the future (James 1:5-7).

When a ship comes to dock or to a harbour, an anchor or a couple of anchors holds it in place, stabiliing the ship against the wind and the waves that could blow the vessel away. Similarly, as Christians we are encouraged to anchor our soul on God, so that we are not moved by the storms of life.


In Hebrews 6:13-19, we read an account of the faith and unwavering patience of Abraham, because of the two things that God presented to him - His promise and His oath. The passage records that God took an oath in His own name, because there was no one greater to swear by (verse 13). Verse 18 concludes this way 'So God has given both his promise and his oath. These two things are unchangeable because it is impossible for God to lie' (NLT). Against all hopes, Abraham believed God, knowing that He will fulfil His promise. We must all come to that point in our lives, where we can irrevocably believe God against all odds that life may throw at us. God's promises to you cannot fail; He will not lie. So anchor your soul to the hope you have in God - He will keep his promise.


I declare that your latter days will be greatly increased. So hold on to the promise of God. Do not let your heart be moved, hold on. God's un-changeability of his promises is sure. He will not deny you. You will make it to your destiny. (Amen).



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