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Call Upon The Name Of The Lord!   


pastor michael




By Pastor Michael Olawore
New Wine Church, London 





Genesis 4:26 (NIV)

25th June - 1st July, 2018


…At that time people began to call on the name of the Lord.


Last week, we meditated on the need to align ourselves with God’s Word in order to create room for our next level. Preparing for the next level is important because God is looking for vessels on the earth to carry out His assignments and fulfil His purposes. God uses willing vessels that He can divinely influence, to exercise His divine influence on the world.


When you call upon God’s name, something happens and you experience a change in your circumstances. This is not a cliché, it is the truth. In our main Scripture reading, the background to this verse starts off with the story of Cain and Abel, the sons of Adam and Eve. Abel had offered a ram to God as a “blood sacrifice” symbolising atonement for his imperfections, while Cain offered an unacceptable, blood-less sacrifice. Cain then murdered his brother, because he was angry and jealous that his brother’s sacrifice had received God’s approval while his had not. However, God blessed Adam and Eve with another son called Seth. Seth went on to have a son named Enosh, and the Bible records that it was at that time that people began to call upon God.
The name “Seth” means “frail/weak”, and the symbolism here is that humankind realised their weaknesses and fallibility, and began to look beyond themselves to God for strength. You may be frail, but you do not have to be content with frailty; instead, you can call upon the name of the Lord (Psalm 46: 1).


Moses reminded the Israelites of God’s attentive love, saying: ‘What other nation is so great as to have their gods near them the way the Lord our God is near us whenever we pray to Him?’ (Deuteronomy 4: 7 NIV). This is such a reassuring and comforting truth for believers today! Indeed, God is near us and whenever we call upon Him, He is attentive to our needs.
Although Job was righteous in God’s sight, he is an individual in the Bible that had some difficult experiences. However, he still called upon God (Job 12: 4) and God answered him. As God’s children, we must not allow our challenges to make us lose faith in God, or the confidence to call His name. Our victory is in His name.


In Genesis 12: 8, after God spoke to Abram (later known as Abraham), Abram set up an altar in Bethel and called upon the name of God. The altar served as a monument to Abram’s relationship with the Lord. It is significant because in later years, Abram would return to it again, and call upon the Lord (Genesis 13: 4). This is a model for believers that encourages us to build, not physical altars, but altars with our praise and prayer, that will serve to remind us that our help comes only from the Lord (Psalm 121: 2).


Every time we call upon the name of the Lord, He answers and saves us from our enemies and from the challenges that threaten to drown us (Psalm 18: 3). When we call upon God’s name, we also follow a noble heritage of patriarchs and matriarchs in the Bible who called upon God and experienced His grace and power in phenomenal ways (Psalm 99: 6).  


Finally, note that when Apostle Peter quoted Prophet Joel on the day of the first Pentecost, he reminded the people that whoever called upon the name of the Lord would be saved (Acts 2: 21). Even more exciting, when as believers, we jointly call upon the name of the Lord in one accord (Acts 1: 14, Acts 2: 1), we will experience God’s blessings in unprecedented ways!


When you call upon the Name of the Lord, you experience breakthroughs...!


For further study:
Psalm 46:1, Deuteronomy 4:7
Job 12:4, Genesis 13: 4
Psalm 18:3, Acts 2:21
Acts 1:14

Prayer: Dear Father in heaven, I thank You that Your name is a strong tower and a place of refuge and safety for me. I thank You that You are near me and attentive to my cries. I ask Lord, that in each trying circumstance of life, I will look to You alone, and call upon Your name in praise and prayer. Thank You for the assurance that You will help me and save me, in Jesus’ name, Amen


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