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You are God's Masterpiece, Created for Good Works...

pastor michael





By Pastor Michael Olawore
New Wine Church, London 




Scripture Reading: Ephesians 2: 8- 10 (NLT)

19th February - 25th February, 2018


God saved you by His grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God. Salvation is not a reward for the good things we have done, so none of us can boast about it. For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago.


In some Bible translations, the word ‘masterpiece’ is rendered as ‘handiwork’, and in the original Greek text, the word used can also refer to a poem or a work of art. It also refers to the glory of God’s creation, which is the work of His hands. In other words, as children of God, made in the image of God, and redeemed by the precious Blood of Jesus, each of us is a unique creation of God’s hands – God’s signature.


It is important for each of us to know who we are in Christ, and see ourselves as God sees us. When we receive this revelation and begin to see ourselves as God sees us, we receive a sense of security in God that enables us to fulfil the assignments He pre-ordained our lives to accomplish. You are not ordinary; you are God’s best work – His masterpiece! Accordingly, your creation and redemption as God’s masterpiece is for a purpose. You were built, designed, engineered and given certain gifts, just the way you are, for a specific assignment that God pre-ordained for you to accomplish. Therefore, your daily prayer should be asking the Lord to help you identify and accomplish the divine purpose for which He made you.


Living without fulfilling purpose is the saddest thing in life. Wise men and women live with a sense of purpose that drives their lives and governs their life choices. Purpose precedes creation; we see that in Genesis 1: 26- 27, God purposed to make man and declared what man’s role would be, before he actually made man. Therefore, we can say it like this: your purpose is the reason for you. Your purpose was already established before you were born, so you are as valuable as your purpose. Each of us is here on earth today for a specific, unique purpose, and God’s desire is for us to shine brightly, fulfilling the purposes for which He made us.


When God gives a purpose to a person, He also gives a platform or the opportunity for fulfilling that purpose. It is important that we do not despise the platforms that God gives us, so that we do not forfeit opportunities to walk in purpose (Zechariah 4: 10). Wherever God has planted you- your neighbourhood, your place of work, your Church and your community- are all great places to make use of your gift and execute your God given purpose. Find a team within your local congregation in which to serve. You can also take deliberate steps to address social/ community concerns that the Lord has placed on your heart. 


It is important to note that our salvation is not because of our works; we cannot earn God’s grace by works. The good works we do in fulfilment of purpose are by no means the basis for salvation. We are saved by Grace alone, through faith in Christ Jesus! Now, as citizens of the Kingdom of God, God has prepared good works in advance, for us to walk in. God is not sending us to accomplish a mission He has not already prepared. He is sending us out because He has already concluded our assignments and secured our victory (2 Corinthians 2: 14).


Remember that you are God’s masterpiece, created for good works…!


For further study: 

Matthew 5:16, 2 Peter 3:18
Mark 16:14-16, Genesis 1:26-27

Zechariah 4:10, 2 Corinthians 2:14


Prayer: Dear Father in heaven, I thank You for Your Word. I thank You for Your saving grace that redeemed me and causes me to walk in victory. Today, I ask Lord for divine revelation to know the purpose for which You created me. I ask for Your strength and Your wisdom to know and do Your will, and to accomplish Your divine purpose in my generation, in Jesus’ Name. Amen!


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